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Skullcrack City




"A nightmarish yet hilarious journey that begins in the ugly world of toxic mortgages and progresses to the slightly uglier world of brain-eating monsters lurking in dark alleys. You're in for an entirely unpredictable ride, the tale spinning ludicrously out of control as the hero uncovers layer after grotesque layer of a vast macabre conspiracy. Skullcrack City is original, utterly insane, and a shitload of fun."
—DAVID WONG, author of John Dies at the End

You weren't always an agent of the apocalypse. You used to be a banker. Who knew that too much coffee and a few bad decisions would lead to the end of the world?

Life as a corporate drone was killing S.P. Doyle, so he decided to bring down the whole corrupt system from the inside. But after discovering something monstrous in the bank's files, he was framed for murder and trapped inside a conspiracy beyond reason.
Now Doyle's doing his best to survive against a nightmare cabal of crooked conglomerates, DNA-doped mutants, drug-addled freak show celebs, experimental surgeons, depraved doomsday cults, and the ultra-bad mojo of a full-blown Hexadrine habit. Joined by his pet turtle Deckard, and Dara, a beautiful missionary with a murderous past, Doyle must find a way to save humankind and fight the terrible truth at the heart of...

"Genre-bending [...] haunting and humorous."

"Skullcrack City messes with your mind the way William Burroughs or a bellyful of hallucinogens will do. I'm a longtime fan of Johnson. A master of derangement, he's been bringing it for years. This time, though, it's different. He's burst into the clear and is taking seven-league strides across the literary landscape."

—LAIRD BARRON, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

"It's the god-damnedest novel you're liable to read this year: dizzyingly smart, fast, funny, and horrifying, bursting at the seams with the kind of 21st-century subversive post-cyber/splatterpunk renegade ideas you've been needing even more than you knew, and strangely, deeply moving on top. [I]mmense as the plot may seem, it's all building to a grand finale of genuine Philip K. Dickian mindblow proportions. And when it pays off, it pays off like crazy. Skullcrack City is a game-changer."


"Skullcrack City's blend of genres, breakneck pacing, brutality, and dashes of philosophy and social critique serve to cement Johnson as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary fiction. Skullcrack City is a smart, incredibly well-researched, and painfully plausible look at our immediate future. Jeremy Robert Johnson's work has always tested the limits of both genre and literary fiction and this novel proves that there's still new ground to tread and that he's already on it."

"Fucking incredibly well written and really entertaining the whole time. Wholly original--it's a gem. Without question a FIVE STAR book."

"Read the hell out of Skullcrack City. It's magnificent. Like The Wolf of Wall Street meets Scanners."

—ROBERT BROCKWAY, author of The Unnoticeables

 "Jeremy Robert Johnson is a madman. [Skullcrack City] was worth the wait...the end is both unexpected and rewarding."

 "Like James Ellroy on meth, explosive and ultraviolent. The weird and strange are heavy-duty in Skullcrack City, fostered by a solid mythology that makes the Illuminati seem tame by comparison. Readers will find this book to be an entirely different beast, imaginably raising the bar for horror-fueled nightmarish paranoid fiction."

 "This is a mind-fuck of a novel. If you enjoyed Mr. Robot you'll love this book. I read it twice. Jeremy's best work. It's fantastic." —BRIAN KEENE, author of The Rising and The Girl on the Glider



Skullcrack City

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